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Is there enough water in the Delaware river for canoeing, kayaking, rafting, and tubing?  Yes.
Even during drought periods ?  Yes

Water flow in the Delaware river is controlled by the Delaware River Master, an office of the USGS. The River Master monitors the river flow at Tocks Island and in Milford Pa., to maintain a minimum flow rate of 1750 cubic feet per second (cfs). From this gauge and information from it's tributaries gauges, the River Master can release water from several reservoirs upstream from Milford. 

Why maintain the river flow? To protect the fish and other aquatic life.  It's the environmentally correct thing to do. During the drought emergency of1999, reservoirs provided 90 % of the river flow on various days. We Paddled on all of those days with no portages. There are shallow spots, but if you follow our river map and stay in the stream channels you should have a great day on the river.


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