Kayaks and Canoes only for overnights
See Kayak pricing
See Canoe pricing
See Raft pricing

All Participants must be able to swim.

Children must be at least 6 years old.

Advanced Reservations required.

All Rentals must be off the river by 5/6pm
•Times dependent on time of year
•Late fees will apply

Overnight campsites are first come first serve, designated areas only, and limited to one night per site only.

Additional reservations must be made through the DWG park service http://www.recreation.gov

Campers should follow DWG Park Service rules and camping guidelines.

Camp fires can only be built in steel rings or on your own camp stove.

Campers should bring their own potable water.

Campers should keep all overnight equipment in waterproof bags that can be leashed to the canoe.

Please leave campsites with what you brought. Chamberlain will dispose of your trash at the end of the trip.


Eshback/Smithfield14 miles1-2 days (4 hours)
Bushkill/Kittatinny(Gap)16 miles1-2 days (5.5 hours)
Eshback/Kittatinny(Gap)20 miles1-2 days (6 hours)
Dingman’s Ferry/Smithfield24 miles2 days (6.5 hours)
Dingman’s Ferry/Kittatinny(Gap)26 miles2-3 days (8.5 hours)
Milford/Smithfield28 miles3 days (10 hours)
Milford/Kittatinny(Gap)34 miles3-4 days (12 hours)
Port Jervis/Smithfield43 miles3-4 days (14 hours)
Port Jervis/Kittatinny(Gap)49 miles4 days (16 hours)

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday.

– A. A. Milne